Benefits of Vehicle Remapping

With years of experience in engine tuning and vehicle remapping, we can provide extremely competitive remapping services that can offer a boost to performance, fuel efficiency and engine responsiveness.
When vehicle manufacturers decide on the default ECU configuration they take into account a number of factors not relevant for many drivers. As vehicles are sold worldwide they are set up to take into considerations factors such as poor fuel quality, high altitude and different climates. The result is an ECU tuned to be the best fit for wherever the vehicle may be sold. By remapping your ECU you can tailor these settings to fit precisely with the location that you drive the vehicle.
ECU remapping is completely legal and is implemented to fit within the operating tolerances of your vehicle posing no threat to the engine or any of the other systems. It is however recommended that your insurer should be notified of any performance changes.
With ECU remapping we can tune the vehicle specifically to the conditions you drive in, tailoring it to your specific needs. There are two general types of ECU remapping we are commonly asked to conduct:
Performance Tuning: We are able to remap the ECU to increase horsepower, torque and allow for smoother power delivery with improved throttle response.
Economy Tuning: With this remap we are looking to increase fuel efficiency and enhance the overall economy of the vehicle translating it into financial savings.