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You need an experienced Auto Locksmith that has invested in the latest key-coding and cutting technology to replace modern transponder keys.
Transponder keys have to be programmed properly or they will not work.

Car Keys Southwest has the experience and technology to help you!

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Are you looking for a professional team of auto locksmiths? Look no further than Car Keys Southwest.

We use the latest key coding and cutting technology, we are able to cut & programme keys/remotes for most makes of cars and vans here in Westbury.
Car Keys Southwest - Lost Car Keys

How Do We Replace Lost Keys?

Different cars now come with distinct types of keys. Some keys are coded in a way that they can disable the factory-fitted immobilizer, while others may have some additional features attached to them. Different styles of keys will need a different amount of time and a different type of process to remake.
The general procedure that we will follow to get your key fixed is as follows:

Car Keys Makes & Models We Can Work On